You’re ready to focus in on leveraging, and maybe even having some business besties beside you.

You’re overwhelmed doing all kinds of tasks that you know you can’t keep doing if you want to grow the way you desire… and yes, you might be suffering from thinking that no one else can do those tasks better, or faster than you.

Even worse, you know that thinking this way is what ends up getting you frustrated because you’re working long hours, doing the time-consuming back end stuff that you KNOW your VA should be doing, and spending less time with the people in your life that you love.

(keep scrolling down)

In fact, that might be the reason you’re wondering if it really IS lonely at the top?

I hear you, and I know what it’s like to be expanding faster than you can keep up and desiring incredible community!

While in some ways, it’s a great problem to have, it doesn’t feel great if you don’t have the right support, team, guidance, and leveraging know-how!

I’ve been able to create an absolute DREAM team, meet other like-minded women, support more clients than ever, travel whenever/wherever I want, free up my time, and you can too!

I continue to leverage and build in a way that allows me to enjoy my life, spend time with friends and family, and love what I do.

What would your life be like if you could make the transition to this next chapter and up level in a big way?

If thinking about it excites you, then I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how to guide you in leveraging your business.

It’s time to create the impact that you so deeply desire, plus the connection and community to remind you that you’re not doing it alone! An exclusive mentorship program and community for premium coaches craving camaraderie, LEVERAGE, and a stand out IMPACT!

This group mastermind has been designed specifically for the coach who: Is   consistently creating 5 – figure months in her business via 1:1 client work
Desires more free time and knows it’s time to build her team and improve her delegation skills
Is feeling passionate about leveraging her business in a way that suits her lifestyle and creates a positive impact
Knows that building community, leverage, and her launch-know-how skills are her top priority
+You’re past the point of wanting just any old group program where the basic business foundations are the main thing being discussed.
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How many people are employed by your personal business?

What is the role these people assume?
Example: Executive Administrative Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Lead Generation Manager...etc.
How many present people are you working with?

Clients, Customers, Leads you are nurturing...
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Did you meet your revenue goals in 2016?

What is you revenue goal for 2017?

What is your average monthly revenue for the past 3 months?

What would you like to see your monthly revenue be and why?

What would it allow you to have, be, or do?
Describe your present frustration in your business or why you feel stuck in your progress? *

What do you feel is the cause?

What are your goals?

What are your 3 month business goals?

What are your 6 month business goals?

What are your 1 year business goals?

What is your vision for the next 5 years with your business?

Describe yourself and your character using 3-5 words.

What do you do presently for your own self care?

What have you done in the last 30 days for the dedication and improvement your health, education, or lifestyle?

What have you done in the last 30 days for the dedication and improvement of your business?

Are you able to commit to a maximum of 6-10 hours for program implementation weekly and support for this Mastermind Zero to Bank? *

What do you currently use in your business:

In each space, share the technology platforms you presently use. If you'd like to upgrade the tool, notate what you'd like to upgrade to - example: unbounce landing pages to lead pages
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On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to follow through?

This is on any goal: example -
You want to lose weight. You eat a cupcake. You keep going until you meet your goal =10
vs You eat the cupcake and give up 1 week away from completion =5
You want to meet a revenue goal - you keep seeking ways to accomplish your goal until you get where you need to be = 10
vs you give up and settle for less, as the tasks are too hard = 2
You have a deadline, you stay up all night to complete the project =10
You show up and give excuses why it wasn't complete or blame it on something besides procrastination = 6
Lastly, Do you keep promises to yourself? *

Thank you for submitting your application. I will be texting you to confirm your appointment time and the dial in number for our call within 24 hours of you submitting this.

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